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How To Eliminate Surface Waste, Improve Silage Quality & Sheet Your Clamp In Half The Time.

OXY SEAL is a single 90 micron silage sheet with a built in oxygen barrier that prevents oxygen from entering your clamp. This will eliminate surface waste, prevent mould and bacteria growth and improve your silage quality.

Efficient. OXY SEAL™ is quick and easy to use - NO CLING FILM NEEDED!

High Oxygen Barrier. Built in o2 barrier keeps oxygen OUT of your silage.

50% Less Plastic. Save money on disposal and recycling costs.

Fully Recyclable. OXY SEAL™ is manufactured using 100% raw materials.

Strong. Incredibly strong and durable - walk all over it!

UV Stable. OXY SEAL™ is UV stable for 18 months.