Our Goal

ARK Agriculture is aware of the ongoing challenges we all face to increase the sustainability of the plastics we use. This is something we take very seriously.


We do this by linking our customers to our recycling partners across the UK. All of ARK’s products can be recycled and we can put customers in touch with one of our approved recycling partners.

We can also advise you on how to prepare your old sheeting ready for recycling.


ARK supply market leading products which help our customers produce high quality silage.

Different sheeting options will generate varying results in silage quality, but the same amount of plastic waste, and in some cases a lot more plastic waste.


ARK can advise you on the most efficient way to sheet your clamp to minimise plastic waste.

Choosing whether to sheet your clamp left to right or front to back (there are pros and cons to each) will help us decide what is the ideal size silage sheet for your clamp.


ARK supply Secure Cover clamp netting which has a unique 10-year UV stable, non-fray knitted design.

This significantly enhances the lifespan of the netting compared with traditional simple woven netting which tears and frays.

To discuss our sustainability practices further please feel free to call us on 01206 585090.