Discover ARK Vertical Wall Clamps

Our vertical walled silage clamp system is based on a range of vertical L, T and U shaped wall panels, specifically designed for silage clamps and the loadings of modern machinery.

  • Our vertical wall panels are supplied in partnership with Europe’s leading silage storage specialists.
  • Our vertical walls are specifically designed to store silage and to withstand the loading of modern machinery used on silage clamps.
  • Supplied in a range of sizes up to 4m high.
  • Our vertical walls do not need extensive foundations or steelwork and can be placed onto sand foundations meaning an almost instant install.
  • The ARK vertical wall silage clamps are SSAFO compliant and can be installed by ARK Agri.
  • We are Bosch Beton's official distributor in the UK.
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We can help you with

- The design of your silage clamp to provide the best feed out rate.
- Silage Clamp Regulations and compliance so your new clamp adheres to Environment Agency rules and SSAFO regulations.
- Silage clamp safety.
- Drainage and leachate collection.
- Asphalt flooring for your silage pit.
- Hiring the right ground workers.

Our clamp specialist

Jeremy Perkins

075 2512 4901