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We provide expert advice in all aspects of silage storage from silage clamps to silage sheets.


Unique, industry leading products help our customers produce high quality silage.


All of our silage plastics and netting are fully recyclable.

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ARK Silage Clamps

ARK is the UK expert in sloping wall and vertical wall silage clamps for dairy and livestock farmers and anaerobic digestion plants.

Discover why an ARK silage clamp will give you better compaction, less waste and better quality silage.

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“From our research, many silage clamps in the UK are well over 60 years old. What farmers were doing 60 years ago and what they are doing today has changed phenomenally, yet the silage clamps are still the same.”

Will Wilson - ARK Agriculture Ltd


The all-in-one o2 barrier silage film – NO CLING FILM NEEDED.

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Secure Covers™

Industry leading silage clamp netting used by hundreds of farmers all over the world.

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“Secure Coversare the most cost-effective covers. I have used other covers but vermin peck holes in them, but not with Secure Covers. We need quality silage therefore we need quality covers”.

Mr Smith

Secure Gravel Bags

The quicker, easier and cleaner alternative to lorry tyres weighing up to 15kg each.

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ARK Side Wall Film

Keep your clamp airtight and protect your panels from corrosive silage leachate.

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“Secure Windbreaks are easy to put up and block the weather to prevent the driving rain entering the building.”

Mr White

Secure Windbreaks

Rapid fit Windbreaks for permanent or temporary weather protection.

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Secure Econoblinds

A cost effective alternative to expensive roller blinds available in a wide range of sizes.

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Welcome to ARK Agriculture

ARK Agriculture has built 80+ silage clamps and counting throughout the UK for both dairy and livestock farmers and anaerobic digestion plants.

Our focus is on silage clamp design, silage clamp safety and silage quality.

We take into account many variables such as feed out rates, silage density, silage types, fill heights and much more to build a clamp tailored to your specific requirements.

We supply a range of silage protection products including OXY SEAL, our industry-leading oxygen barrier silage film, sidewall sheets, Secure Covers™ and gravel bags as well as Windbreaks and Econoblinds for farm and livestock buildings.