Muck Away Silage Clamp Options

Muck Away Silage Clamp Options

Do you live within 45 minutes of the M25?

Then you are invited to contact ARK Agri about our muck away silage clamp options.

This is an opportunity to build ARK silage clamps subsidised using clean muck away material (clay) removed from building sites in the London area, this is a fully permitted operation.

Muck away contractors in other urban areas particularly North West and South West that would be interested in working with ARK Agri on similar projects should get in touch as we look to expand this programme.


ARK Agri employs a unique and patented sloping wall silage clamp system, built with earth banks. Using the sloped wall system has several advantages over the more conventional vertical wall clamps, including greater compaction and less waste.

PJ Brown has partnered with ARK Agri as they are actively looking for sites in which to re-use and re-purpose clean, naturally occurring materials (clay for the most part) that arise from development sites in and around the London area.

These materials provide the perfect support for the ARK silage clamps.

There is a country-wide push for the recovery and re-use of said materials, coupled together with ever-increasing EA regulations and NE clean water strategy.

Using earth banked silage clamps provides the ideal, cost-effective solution to these problems as well as a  host of others. These include the overuse of landfill, effluent control, health and safety, all the while solving one of the more problematic aspects of planning permission, i.e. the cost.

What this means

This means that the cost of the silage clamp can be covered by the importation and the reuse of these materials; your farm will benefit from a new, environmentally friendly silage clamp that is compliant with all EA regulations and comes at no cost to yourself or your farm. This will not only improve the quality of silage but will increase overall efficiency and operator safety.

Please get in touch for more information.