Salt Sacks

Protect salt stacks from bad weather and adhere to Environment Agency regulations

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Secure Covers on Salt Stacks

The Environment Agency and SEPA “recommend that salt stores are roofed, but if this is not practical, covered with an impermeable membrane, situated on an impervious base and sites at least 10m from the nearest watercourse or soakaway.”

Further reasons why salt stacks should be covered include:

Leaving road salt uncovered is a hazard to watercourses and wildlife.

Uncovered salt has a high moisture content which creates problems and breakdowns in gritting machinery.

Uncovered salt reduces spreading rate and efficiency.

Uncovered salt wastes money with 6-10% being washed away by rain.

Simple to use

Salt piles are heaped to a convenient profile and then covered with a plastic sheet (plastic sheet can be hyper linked to oxy seal page) followed by Secure Covers, which are weighted down with Secure Gravel Bags (hyper link Secure Gravel Bags to its product page).

Secure Covers are available in 16 different sizes ‘off the shelf’ or can be custom made. The range of sizes means you can choose a system that will suit you, for example, Secure Covers can be clipped together to protect very large salt stacks.

Using Secure Covers to cover salt stacks is ideal for longterm stockpiling or short term emergency storage.

No need for sewing or fitting by specialist teams. Secure Covers can easily be installed by two people with no special skills.

Secure Covers are completely reusable and due to their unique construction will not lift or tear in high winds.

Secure Covers are guaranteed for 10 years against UV degradation and fraying.

Whether stored in outdoor salt stacks or ‘clamped’ in concrete pits, Secure Covers provide a cost effective way to protect road salt while allowing easy daily access.

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