The BEST way to protect your maize silage and eliminate waste


OXY SEAL™ o2 barrier film and Secure Cover netting is the perfect partnership for protecting your maize silage.

As you stand on top of your clamp under your feet could be thousands of pounds in silage value, it truly is green gold!

How you choose to protect this investment with your silage sheets should be carefully considered because not all silage sheets are the same. ARK Agriculture is leading the way with their OXY SEAL™ oxygen barrier silage sheet and Secure Cover netting.

‘Costings from the Maize Growers Association show that maize silage costs £30 per tonne fresh weight to get into the clamp when all costs are considered and it’s easy to forget this’. Says Oliver Peck, Sales Director, ARK Agriculture.

Silage sheet technology

Silage sheet technology has leapt forward with the development of single layer oxygen barrier silage sheets like ARK’s OXY SEAL™.

Silage sheets eliminate waste on your clamps by reducing your silage’s exposure to oxygen while being as easy to use as possible.

The key to limiting your silage’s exposure to oxygen is choosing a sheet which clings to the silage surface eliminating air pockets and has the technical properties to create an oxygen barrier.

Traditional methods of sheeting clamps are based on the use of multiple layers of plastic, including cling film, to meet these criteria. In this case multiple sheets of plastic are necessary as oxygen can pass through conventional silage sheets and enter your clamp.

The downside to the use of multiple layers of plastic is the volume of plastic waste and labour required to sheet the clamps, while still not achieving a true oxygen barrier.

OXY SEAL™ has the answer to all the above issues by using chemical resins (ethylene vinyl alcohol) to create the oxygen barrier within the sheet whilst retaining the flexibility of cling film, which sits tight on the silage surface.

‘Different silage sheets allow varying amounts of oxygen to pass through them. For example, basic black plastic has an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of 200-300cm³/m²/24 hours, whereas OXY SEAL™ has an OTR of <2cm³/m²/24 hours. You want this number to be as low as possible’ says Mr Peck.

Silage sheets need to be protected by netting to prevent bird damage and hold them in place. Secure Cover silage clamp netting is unique because of its complex knitted pattern, meaning it will not fray if its punctured.

This unique knitted structure also helps to reduce ‘wind lift’ keeping the netting in place on your clamp.

‘The Secure Cover netting is an internationally recognised design, with significant advantages over woven netting. It lasts longer, it does not fray, or ladder and it stays in place on the clamps. Coupled with OXY SEAL™ it adds up to huge benefits for farmers.’ Adds Mr Peck.

You can find out more about OXY SEAL™ and Secure Covers by getting in touch with ARK Agriculture on 01206 585090 or contact us using the form below.

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