Side Wall Sheets

Keep rainwater and oxygen out of your clamp and protect your panels from corrosive silage leachate

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Don't let leachate destroy your silage clamp walls

It is important to use side wall sheets to protect your panels from corrosive leachate. By using side wall sheets you will increase the longevity of your panels.

We recommend half a meter of side wall sheet should also cover your silage clamp floor. This will help protect the joint where the base of the panel meets the asphalt base, a common area for leachate to ‘pool’.

ARK side wall sheets are strong and durable (140 microns) and are manufactured using 100% virgin material, which makes them fully recyclable.

ARK side wall sheets are so strong they can withstand the abrasion of being held against the concrete panels of your silage clamp.

ARK side wall sheets will not break apart and deteriorate, which means you won’t have broken bits of plastic entering your silage.


5x50m, 5x75m and 7x50m.

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