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How To Eliminate Surface Waste, Improve Silage Quality & Sheet Your Clamp In Half The Time

If you HATE sheeting your clamp, you will LOVE using OXY SEAL™ silage sheets

We got on brilliantly with OXY SEAL™ last year. What would normally take us half a day, only took 3 hours to completely sheet up! We have no waste and no complaints from our cattle and sheep. I’ll never go back to using cheap black plastic again!

Robert Norman

Hendre Agored Farm, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

OXY SEAL™ Size Guide & Price List

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OXY SEAL™ vs. Black Plastic

A study carried out by the University of Nottingham concluded that:

"using an oxygen barrier silage film reduced losses in the top layers of silage clamps by an average of 42% compared with standard polyethylene film (black plastic)."

More importantly, our customers are achieving great results too. No waste, better silage quality and increased yields. 

Worked really well for us here: 3rd year using OXY SEAL™ and no waste across our clamp of first cut grass!

Rob Drysdale

Straight Line Beef, Somerset

Why Farmers Are Switching To OXY SEAL™

OXY SEAL™ is a single 90 micron silage sheet with a built in oxygen barrier that prevents oxygen from entering your clamp. This will eliminate surface waste, prevent mould and bacteria growth and improve your silage quality. 


OXY SEAL™ is quick and easy to use - NO CLING FILM NEEDED!

Oxygen Barrier

Built in o2 barrier keeps oxygen OUT of your silage.

50% Less Plastic

Save money on disposal and recycling costs. 

Fully Recyclable

OXY SEAL™ is manufactured using 100% raw materials.


Incredibly strong and durable - walk all over it!

UV Stable

OXY SEAL™ is UV stable for 18 months

Here's What Real Farmers Are Saying About OXY SEAL™

“We now use OXY SEAL™ on all of our clamps. We find its strong, easy to use and its certainly helping us to reduce waste”.

Jason Bayley

Lady Leys Farm - Lullington, Swadlincote

“We used OXY SEAL™ for the first time and it’s the best silage we’ve ever made! We have no waste, its simple, easy to use and very durable”

Oliver Williams

Windy Barn Farm, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

OXY SEAL™ Size Guide & Price List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is OXY SEAL really an oxygen barrier silage film?


OXY SEAL™ is a 7-layer silage film made from polyethylene (PE), which is combined with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) to produce an industry-leading oxygen barrier silage film.

OXY SEAL™ has an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of <2cm³/m²/24 hours. As a comparison, basic black plastic has an OTR of 300cm³/m²/24 hours. 

This means OXY SEAL™ is 150x more effective at keeping oxygen OUT of your clamp compared with black plastic. 

What colour is OXY SEAL?

OXY SEAL™ is green on one side and white on the other. OXY SEAL™ can be used either way up, however, most people use it green side up because it blends into the surroundings. 

Can OXY SEAL be pulled back to add multiple cuts to the clamp?


Cling film and low quality silage sheets have a tendency to break and fall apart if you need to pull the sheet back to add multiple cuts to a clamp. This leaves plastic in your silage, which can end up in your cows stomach causing all kinds of health problems. 

OXY SEAL is an all-in-one silage sheet - no cling is needed. This means OXY SEAL can easily be pulled back to add multiple cuts to your silage clamp without getting ripped or damaged. The result is plastic free, high quality silage that your cows will love. 

Is OXY SEAL fully recyclable?


OXY SEAL™ is made from 100% raw materials and is fully recyclable. We also have a network of recycling partners situated around the UK who can help you recycle your agricultural plastic. 

How quick can you deliver?

OXY SEAL™ is warehoused in the UK and standard delivery is 2-3 days. A next day delivery service is available for a small surcharge. 

What size OXY SEAL sheets do you supply?

OXY SEAL™ is available in a full range of sizes. For instant access to our size guide and price list please complete the form below. 

OXY SEAL™ Size Guide & Price List

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