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Reduce waste, save money... and sheet your clamp in half the time

OXY SEAL™ silage sheets prevent oxygen from entering your clamp, due to its unique oxygen barrier layer, built directly into the silage sheet.

OXY SEAL™ will eliminate surface waste, improve silage quality and save you money.

A study carried out by the University of Nottingham concluded that:

“using an oxygen barrier silage film reduced losses in the top layers of silage clamps by an average of 42% compared with standard polyethylene film (black plastic).”

This is why more and more farmers are switching to OXY SEAL™ – it’s quicker, easier and produces silage like this…

Here’s why you’ll love using OXY SEAL™

We have customers who use OXY SEAL™ for grass, whole crop, rye, and maize silage year after year.

They made the switch to OXY SEAL™  from the cling film and black plastic and haven’t looked back.

Here’s why…

1. It’ll save you time.

OXY SEAL™ is an all-in-one silage sheet, meaning you don’t have to use cling film (which is a nightmare), or any other plastic sheet.

Simply sheet your clamp using OXY SEAL™, cover with Secure Covers (to protect from bird and wildlife damage) and that’s it… you’re done.

No cling film, no messing about.

Nobody enjoys sheeting silage clamps so why make it harder than it needs to be?

OXY SEAL™ makes sheeting your clamp quick and easy.

2. It’s strong (you won’t put your foot through it).

Due to the unique way OXY SEAL™ is manufactured (7-layers all bonded together) it is incredibly strong.

OXY SEAL™ is thin enough (90 microns) that it will follow the contours of the silage surface to create an airtight seal, but also strong enough that you can walk all over it (when laying netting) without fear of it being damaged, ripped or punctured.

Have you ever tried to walk over cling film?

Holes everywhere… it’s a nightmare.

OXY SEAL™ is tough, and it gets the job done.

Contact us and ask us to send you a sample and you can see how strong it is for yourself.

3. Do you add multiple cuts to the same clamp?

If you answered ‘YES’, you will love using OXY SEAL™.


Because OXY SEAL™ can easily be pulled back to add more silage and then re-sheeted without getting damaged.

If you use cling film it often gets damaged and breaks apart when you peel it back to add more silage… not good.

With OXY SEAL™ you can peel it back and add as many cuts as you want then simply re-sheet the clamp and you’re good to go.

4. Less plastic

OXY SEAL™ uses roughly 50% less plastic compared with traditional methods of sheeting your clamp (cling film and black plastic).

OXY SEAL™ is made from 100% raw material and is fully recyclable.

We also have a network of recycling partners around the UK who can help you recycle your agricultural plastic – please contact us for details.

Available sizes

OXY SEAL™ is currently available in the following sizes:

10x35m (34kg) 10x50m (48kg) 12x50m (58kg) 12x150m (175kg)
14x50m (68kg) 16x50m (78kg) 16x150m (234kg) 18x50m (88kg)
20x35m (68kg)

*delivery surcharge may apply to certain postcodes – please contact us for details.

For a price list please call us on 01206 585090 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

7-Layer Technology

OXY SEAL™ is a 7-layer silage film made from polyethylene (PE), which is combined with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) to produce an industry-leading oxygen barrier silage film.

The image below explains the role of each layer and why it’s important:


All 7-layers combined produce a very thin (90 micron) but very strong and flexible silage sheet.

Technical Spec:

 Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) <2cm³/m²/24 hours
 UV stability 18 months
 Thickness 90 microns
 Colour Green/white

Next steps…

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