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Reduce Wind Blowing Across Pitches and Training Grounds and Increase Privacy

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Secure Windbreaks for Sports Pitches and Training Grounds

Secure Windbreaks from ARK Agriculture are perfect for sports clubs and training grounds that want to reduce gusts of wind blowing across pitches and increase privacy for training sessions and matches.

Our Secure Windbreak material, which is patented and proven to reduce gusty winds, is stocked in 3m and 4m wide jumbo rolls and can be cut to whatever lengths you need.

The Secure Windbreak material can be easily attached to the fencing around your training grounds and pitches using affordable cable ties.

Secure Windbreaks provide a simple yet effective solution to prevent prevailing winds from cutting through your spectators and distracting your players, while at the same time providing privacy.

Secure Windbreaks are made from 300/m² HDPE in a close-knit mesh. This means that they do not fray when cut, torn or punctured. This non-fray structure makes Secure Windbreaks perfect for covering doors or gates of any size.

How To Install

  • Secure Sports Windbreaks are to be cable tied to the fencing every metre around the parameter.
  • Push the cable tie through the material and make sure to push the cable tie through in two places per cable tie, this is to ensure any wind load is spread and not focused into one point.
  • Secure the Windbreak by fastening to the fence with the cable tie.
  • After the cable tie is secured, cut off any of the cable ties excess.

Secure Windbreaks at Ben Rhydding Sports Club

Richard Giles at Ben Rhydding Sports Club has been using Secure Windbreaks on his sports pitches to provide weather protection for spectators when watching football, hockey and cricket.

Richard explained the sports club is located in a valley basin and gets very windy. The senior players are looking to move into semi-professional football, which means the pitches are sure to see an increase in usage, up from 2000 spectators a week already.

Richard said, “The primary reason was to improve the quality of the spectator experience. We are on a site that can be affected by strong winds and that meant parents and supporters watching football had an uncomfortable experience.”

Secure Windbreaks from ARK offered the perfect solution for Ben Rhydding Sports Club.

“The Windbreak provides good shelter for up to 30 meters and improves the spectators’ experience”, said Richard.

He added, “The bonus is the finished look they bring to the pitch making it enclosed and reducing clutter from the surrounding playing fields when watching a game.”

When asked about his experience working with the team at Secure Covers Richard answered, “Dealing with Secure Covers was straightforward. Their sales team gave good advice, delivery was quick and on time.”

Secure Windbreaks at South Liverpool Football Club

Secure Windbreaks have also been successfully installed at South Liverpool Football Club, as you can see from the pictures below that have been kindly shared with us.

For further information on how Secure Windbreaks can be used to protect sports pitches, tennis courts, football pitches and more, please give us a call on 01206 585090 or contact us here.