Silage Bales & Straw Stacks

Protect your silage bales from bird and wildlife damage and eliminate waste on straw

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Bale silage is too valuable to waste

Any small hole through the wrap caused by birds or other wildlife will lead to a reduction in palatability and feed quality.

This spoilage caused by opportunistic mould growth increases the likelihood of pathogens and mycotoxins within the feed.

Protecting silage wrap from bird and wildlife damage is vital when you consider that typically more than half of the silage in a bale is within 20cm of the surface.

Thin, lightweight netting with a large open weave is of little use. This is why farmers love using Secure Covers, which are much tougher and last a lot longer.

Secure Covers are simply placed over silage bales and held in place using Secure Gravel Bags and StackPack clips every 5-10 meters.

Available Sizes

8x10m (24kg) 8x12m (29kg) 8x14m (34kg) 8x16m (38kg)
8x18m (43kg) 8x20m (48kg) 8x22m (53kg) 8x25m (60kg)
12x10m (36kg) 12x12m (43kg) 12x14m (50kg) 12x16m (58kg)
12x18m (65kg) 12x20m (72kg) 12x22m  (79kg) 12x25m (90kg)


Straw and Hay Stacks

Increasing prices of straw has made it a valuable commodity, which makes it worth protecting whether you use it yourself or sell it on to your customers. 

Uncovered damp straw is unappetising as feed and less absorbent as bedding. More importantly, uncovered straw and hay bales become a source of mould spores and dangerous mycotoxins. 

If you can’t store your bales in a barn you can quickly and easily protect your straw and hay stacks in a cost effective manner using silage sheets held in place with Secure Covers and Secure Gravel Bags. 

Secure Covers specially designed mesh prevents wind lifting the sheets keeping them in place on your stack.

Gravel bags fixed with Stack Pack clips every meter will anchor the sheets and covers for a stable and more economic storage solution. 

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