Secure Bag Armour

Heavy duty knitted textile netting used by farmers all over the world to protect ag bags

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Protect ag bags from bird and wildlife damage

Secure Bag Armour is extensively used in the USA where Ag Bags are a common sight on and around dairy farms.

Made from the same heavy duty knitted textile as our clamp netting, Secure Bag Armour protects Ag Bags from bird and wildlife damage. This preserves silage quality and eliminates the chore of having to ‘patch repair’ any damage to the Ag Bags.

There are two ways to cover your Ag Bags using Secure Bag Armour.

Crown Coverage

This method covers only the top portion and upper sides of the bag for protection from birds.

Available in 5m widths up to a maximum length of 100m.

Secure in place with filled Gravel bags hung from StackPack clips every 3-4m on both sides of the forage bag.

Ground Coverage

This method covers the visible portion of the bag, giving added protection from deer, cats and livestock.

Available in 8m widths up to a maximum length of 25m.

Secure in place with filled gravel bags placed around the base of the forage bag.

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