Secure Covers achieve a new milestone with ‘Patent Approval’


PRESS RELEASE: 29/04/2021

Silage storage specialist ARK Agriculture is delighted to announce the grant of a UK patent on their Secure Covers silage clamp net.

Secure Cover silage clamp nets are manufactured to a unique design that reduces the effect of wind lift on silage clamp covers, enhances the longevity of the netting, and means better silage quality for the user.

The patent covers aspects of the net design and materials including the development of a square filament and knitted structure which diffuses wind energy when passing over the nets surface, significantly reducing wind lift.

Extensive research carried out at Sheffield Hallam University shows that the knitted Secure Cover net will stay on the smooth surface of the silage sheet 5 times longer than a conventional woven net in increasing wind conditions.

Reduced wind lift means a tighter seal between the Secure Cover clamp netting and the silage sheet against the silage surface, consistently reducing surface waste. It also reduces the chance of wind blowing Secure Covers off clamps.

‘We are delighted to have been granted this patent as we know from research carried out over the last decade that the Secure Cover clamp net is a significant improvement on the standard woven silage clamp net’, says William Wilson, Business Development Director, ARK Agriculture.

‘Now is the time to really look at your silage storage and replace tyres and poor-quality sheeting with a better option like the Secure Covers and OXY SEAL™ oxygen barrier silage sheets. The benefits are almost instant both in silage quality and labour required’.

Secure Covers are available from partners across the UK, USA, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, and Israel.

You can find out more about Secure Covers online,, by email at or by calling our office on 01206 585090.

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