ARK Dairy Clamp, Devon

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The perfect solution

In 2017 ARK built a 3m high sloping wall clamp in a 2-bay design for a dairy farmer in Dorset.

Each clamp is 21m wide and 75m long with a back wall. The clamps are dug into a hillside. 

An asphalt base was used and when filled both clamps can hold nearly 9,400t of maize silage at a density of 0.8t per cubic meter.

Prior to the construction of the clamps the farmer had used a combination of Ag Bag’s for temporary storage and older clamps that were due to be condemned as they were no longer SSAFO compliant

The site itself was in ‘An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and needed to be well hidden from view.

ARK silage clamps with their earth banks made perfect sense as they are almost invisible against the hill side. 

The clamps were built in six weeks from start to finish by a local groundworker. 

What has this meant for the dairy? 

The farmer has saved at least 4 – 5 hours of one operators time each day compared to the Ag-Bags, while maintaining outstanding silage quality.

The sloping wall clamps themselves are a lot safer than the older clamps that were replaced, which has given the farmer peace of mind when his employees are working on them.

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