ARK clamps for an AD Plant

Case Studies

ARK clamps were supplied to an AD plant outside Aberdeen

The AD plant was built with a national developer and the clamps were constructed by the farmer / operator.

From day one the farmer understood that producing high quality silage would be vital to the success of the AD plant.

ARK supplied pre-cast panels and seating and drainage channels for four silage clamps.

Each clamp was 100m long x 30m wide, without back walls and all clamps had asphalt bases. 

The clamps could store up to 12,000t of grass or whole crop at 0.6t – 0.7t per cubic meter, which would be fed into the AD plant.

The design of the clamps had to withstand the weight of the heavy compacting machinery.

More importantly the clamps had to be built to a tight timescale ready for first cut. Luckily, ARK clamps are quick to install, unlike traditional vertical wall clamps with concrete bases.

ARK agriculture also designed and supplied the complete sheeting system for these clamps. This included OXY SEAL™, our all-in-one oxygen barrier silage film, Secure Covers, gravel bags and side wall sheets.

What has this meant for the AD plant?  

The clamps were built on time and ready for first cut, which was essential to feed the plant when it began operation. 

The ARK clamps are feeding great quality silage into the AD plant, which is producing great yields and the owner is delighted.

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